How to identify the quality of pvc placemat materials?

2022-07-16 16:20

Nowadays, the demand for pvc placemat materials has increased greatly, and its market potential is immeasurable. However, there are many pvc placemat materials on the market today. There are fakes and reals, so how to identify the authenticity of pvc placemats? Next, the editor will introduce to you some knowledge on how to identify the authenticity of pvc placemat materials.

1. Look at the brightness of the surface and whether it is transparent.

2. Look at the whiteness, not only on the surface, but also on the whiteness of the cut surface. The whiteness determines everything.

3. It depends on the amount of stone powder to see whether it is submerged in water. Generally, there will be more or less stone powder in the recycled material, because the raw material of the recycled material is not very pure. If no additional stone powder is added, it will generally not sink.

4. Look at the hardness, bite it with your teeth to know that the good materials are hard, too soft, it means impure, and PE is added in it.

The above points can basically master a large part of the skills used to identify pvc placemat materials.