Plastic placemats tell about plastic particles that have been seen everywhere in life

2022-07-16 16:20

Plastic placemats are formed by blow molding plastic granules. Many kinds of products can be produced in plastic granules. Let's briefly talk to you about the importance of plastic granules to our industry products.

After the plastic granules are processed, it is especially suitable for the packaging of large-sized or irregular objects, which completely solves the worldwide problem of packaging of heterosexual objects, and now this new packaging method no longer requires any inner packaging and wooden boxes, Greatly reduces the packaging cost of enterprises. This recommended shrink packaging method has been widely used in foreign countries for machinery, ships, yachts, wood and wood products, baths, engines and motors, various storage areas, elevators, lifts, construction tools, scaffolding, aircraft, airplanes Engines and parts, metal parts and materials, large pipes, cement and concrete materials or bricks, furniture, and any objects of large size stored outdoors.