Business Philosophy
Quality is fundamental, innovative design is art, and service is the core.
Service Team
Employees are the primary productive force
Tu Qiaoren
10 years of production site management experience, good at warehousing and material control planning. Proficient in cross-border logistics operations such as FCL, LCL Amazon FBA warehouse entry, etc. Quote: Employees are the primary productive force, and completing the job efficiently makes the greatest benefits for the company.
Liang Minli
General manager
10 years of experience in corporate management, good at coorporate strategic planning, supply chain management and cross-border brand incubation. Viewpoint: Look at enterprise development and team management from the perspective of a management scientist, use the perspective of a strategist to see far-sighted and make good use of people, and use the perspective of a psychologist to enter the hearts of employees.
Chen Guanghong
Sales manager
With years of experience in e-commerce wholesale, maximizing the balance of the interests of the company and customers is his ultimate goal. Be good at handling and maintaining customer relationships and grasping customer trends. Quote: The customer is precious and the survival of the company is to give priority to handling the customer's order and to solve the customer's affairs well.
Wang Zhonglan
Foreign trade manager
Years of foreign trade work experience, Excellent in customer communication. Positive attitude, professional service, Following up to customers before and after the sales in making sure that the customers are satisfied with the products . Quote: Customers need to chase, keep chasing, and strive to chase, just like falling in love. Customers will be impressed after all.
Zhuge Jiali
personnel manager
Years of experience in personnel administration, impartiality in law enforcement and unselfishness. Quote: Do things vigorously and resolutely, without slack.


Customer Service Manager
Zambian Master student at Zhejiang Normal University.
Assist the company's international development strategy with the strategic thinking and international expansion via social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook,linkedin, WhatsApp and many more . Quote: ''Focus on how to be social ,not on how to do social ,"if you make customers unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends.If you make customers unhappy on the internet , they can each tell 6,000 friends."Social media puts the ''public''into PR and the "market'' into marketing .